Personakt Antavla

Isabella Brownly Wiese

Far:Herman Lauritz Ludvig Wiese (1869 - )
Mor:Isabelle Collman ((STIP ABT 1875) - )

Född:(PROB BET 1890 AND 1910) somewhere in Scotland, United Kingdom.


1869 Fadern Herman Lauritz Ludvig Wiese föds 1869-05-14 prob Nielsminde farm by Sulsted parish, Kaer municip - today part of Aalborg city, region Nordjylland, Jutland, Denmark
>1890 Brodern Georg Friderich Wiese föds mellan 1890 och 1910 somewhere in the United States, - may be New Orleans, Louisiana
(PROB BET 1890 AND 1910) Födelse (PROB BET 1890 AND 1910) somewhere in Scotland, United Kingdom
(PROB BET 1890 AND 1910) Systern Mildred Annie Wiese föds (PROB BET 1890 AND 1910) Copenhagen, island of Zealand, Denmark
(STIP ABT 1875) Modern Isabelle Collman föds (STIP ABT 1875) New Orleans city, Greater New Orleans region, Louisiana state, US of America